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Chapter 1

Part 5

by: Jim Jones

Cindy was holding the monitor that told Kerr that the baby never had a chance to live his first breath. The line never even beeped once as he struck the baby repeatedly with the paddles. Not even once. It was too late by the time they got her inside to where there might have been a chance, but time was lost, and now so was any chance for survival.

Kerr had thought that it was over and he started to Clean up the baby's body. Cindy and Cathy where cleaning the equipment as the solemn air was quiet. Silence was the way they worked and sadness was lingering in their hearts. Regret filled their breathe, regretting that they could do nothing more for the innocent child that lay in front of them. Nothing more.......

The light of life was snuffed for this one child, but another was lurking in the room, unseen by the medical staff. Unheard. They were deafened by the infamous death that lay in their sight. It would sound, but none would hear. It would move and witnesses they would not. They were busy trying fruitlessly to save a life while another was struggling to gain one.

It was below the severed flesh that it was moving about. The scene was like some ancient birthing ground where they would send in a flesh eating beetle up the vagina to kill the baby. It fed on the full term baby for days. As the mother would lay uncomfortably in extreme pain. Death was common with this practice, but that is what the stomach of Mary looked like. A slithering insect pulping the flesh as it moved about. But there was none to notice.

It was only a few moments that had passed when the Doctor told the nurses to Clean up. The alcohol aroma was strong in the air, almost smelling like a drunkard in his final stages before passing out. The instruments needed cleaning for the next use. That is what they where supposed to do after every surgery. And that is what they where doing.


Gordon was still playing king outside. He had two of his men positioned on the inside to let him in on every piece of activity going on in there. He would know as soon as the Master Child was born. Twilight was a few hours away. The air was beginning to chill as the late storm began its approach towards Lancaster. Blanketing the town below with it's massive winds and its bitter rain. Turning the warmth of the day into the normal December night. Trying to keep warm, as the wind slices through you like you would slice through a honey glazed ham on Christmas day. The rapidness of the clouding sky made the stage for a magician's disappearing act as the stars where diluted into the vast sky above. Gordon had to retrieve his light brown parka from his cruiser to finish the evening out. The sky looked as if it where going to invade the good people of this town and chase them back to their homes. 'This would be a good thing' Gordon thought to himself as he stood next to Randall McKay, zipping up his parka.

Randall had worked with Gordon most of his career. He started off in the big city issuing parking tickets when he met Gordon. Gordon was attending "the great mass of holy endeavor" that night. It was an annual meeting where the higher up people in his church would get together and spend the extra cash from the offerings on expensive wine and cheap whores.

After the meeting, Gordon stopped off at Martha's kitchen for a bite to eat. It was his favorite place to eat when he was off duty, and in the area. His church {international regime for Christ's army} brought him here fifteen, twenty times a year. Detroit was the headquarters for the hoodwinked church, and it was the largest chapter in the nation.

He was eating a T-bone steak when he saw Randy sitting at the bar drinking a malted soda. He was looking kind of dopey and a little tired as he slurped the last few drops of his beverage. He could see the film the chocolate drink made on the inside of his glass. It was this pale brown color with bits of dark chocolate spattered around. The mug was an obvious attempt at copying A&W's famous root-beer mugs with the shit brown letters MK, and the naval orange oval bordering.

Gordon approached the young officer in blue with caution, the way he did with all of his recruits. Randall heard the soft steps of Gordon as he approached but disregarded them. He motioned for the waitress as the mongrel stepped up behind him.

"Is this seat taken?" He asked with a complete manner that screamed gentleman. "I would like to enjoy your company as I finish my meal." The thought that he might have a new recruit by the time he was to return to Lancaster made him ecstatic. It was the next statement Randall made that made Gordon for sure that he was the right material for doing God's work.

"It's a free world, do what ever you like, just don't bother me." It wasn't so much the words that convinced Gordon but rather the tone he used to speak the unruly words. It was dark without emotion. And it lingered in Gordon's Brain as if it were some kind of religious warning.

'Heed the messenger,' the warning stuck to his mind like flies to honey. It was almost as if he rehearsed the statement thousands of times. {I could imagine the sight; alone in is room talking to a mirror like Al Pachino in the Godfather.} He was thinner in those days but the bad attitude and the ruthless form stayed the same.

"Heed the messenger, for I have come to rescue you." The inviting statement made Randall a bit wary about Gordon as he took his seat on the round black stool that was upholstered with cheap vinyl.

"What the fuck are you talking about?" Angered that he didn't heed his own message. Leave me alone you fucking psycho. He was about to abandon his seat when Gordon grabbed him by the arm. His grip was tight, and finely toned. He tried to free himself from the grasp, but Randall found that he could not overpower the massive strength Gordon possessed. Gordon stared deeply into his brown eyes and spoke. "Heed what I have yielded to you, for if not you shall turn a horrible death." His eyes were blue, like an angel, but his words were sharp like that of serpents tongue. "In your hour of need, God has given me to you to show you the light." His eyes where that of truth, as Randall was be spelled by the piercing words. "I have come to help you join God's Army and so you may never live in discomfort again." His eyes squinted as he finished. "Should you not heed my warning, Your life will grow short and a thousand plagues shall infest your family." It was a great warning, it was a holy warning, and it was God's warning.

A thousand yards reached his stare, almost like he reached the inside portion of his soul with the glare. It was dark inside there, just like in Gordon's soul. The two matched, like an arrow matches its bow.

He handed him one of the business cards that he received from his preacher at the meeting. Randall was speechless, glancing at the card as Gordon left the restaurant…

"So, Randall? Are you taking care of everything?" With ease in his voice he knew that he would hear what he wanted to hear form his lifelong pupil.

"Yes sir. They cleaned the blood up on the concrete so well that my wife would eat off of it." He tried the break his obvious tension with a little humor.

Gordon just smiled as he glared off into the distance.

"We should be done here in just about an hour or so. But what are we going to do with those fucking witnesses over there." Randall pointed his head in the direction of the crowd.

"Let me take care of that, You just make sure that every thing runs as planned." He felt assured that Randall would make sure those things happen.

Kerr and Cathy and Cindy were restless with the child that was never to breathe his first breath as the corpse started to come to life in the back ground. The moving cadaver remained unnoticed. The unseen child was struggling to fight his way past the bloody tissue that contained he and his brother for the last nine months.

The air had the stench of Mary's decaying flesh roaming around within it. Cathy could taste the tainted smell. It pricked her tongue with its rotting aura. Leaving the tang of dead flesh hammering away at her taste buds. It would've made her gag if it weren't for the mourning of the dead child in front of her. Her thoughts were infected with the plague of death.

Cindy did her best to hide her tears form her peers, but there were ones that had escaped her efforts. She soon would know what death was even though she was a witness to his wrath this evening. It was just a taste for her, she lost her mother a few months ago, and she was afraid that she was mourning more for this child that she had never met before than she did for the lady that raised her from birth. A divided sadness filled her heart.

Kerr had seen her tears and felt her pain. But there was absolutely nothing that he could do for her; she was on her own with this one. "Ok. Lets tag him."

It was almost unfeeling, the way he said it. Cindy almost felt like slapping him for the cruel and unkind remark. It reminded her of the two officers outside the room when they commented shrewdly about Mr. Kerr himself, earlier.

The gurgling sound was too faint for the three to hear. It was the gurgling of the unborn trying to breathe his first breathe. As his tiny hand grasped in desperation the upper portion of the birth sack, He would dig his fingers into the tissues. It was like he was trying to climb his way to fresh air. And the gurgling grew louder.

They were preoccupied with the death of a newborn and the gurgling was ignored, and then the suckling came. It was that of a baby sucking on a binky. And the suckling became more audible to the working professionals.

Cindy was terrified with the death. She started walking backwards away from the death, not paying attention to her steps. She tripped over a cord that was attached to an I.V. rack The cord seemed to wrap around her feet as she tumbled to the floor. On her fall to the floor she held her arm up in reaction and tried to use the operating table that Mary's body was lying on. And as she fell her arm hit the scalpel that Kerr had set on the edge of the table. The scalpel flipped into the air doing summersaults, and when it fell it landed, sticking into the struggling babies arm. Cindy stood from her fall and saw the shiny stainless steel knife sticking out of the baby.

It was Cindy's screech that alerted the doctor of the undiscovered newborn. She stood in fright and surprise, her hands covering her mouth, which had dropped open. And her shirt was shimmering with a sudden draft that came from the baby that was in front of her.

Kerr's shouted words broke her spell. "Get that heart monitor over here, stat!" It was with complete confidence that he ordered about. "Cindy, I need you to go get the towels. We're going to need a few of them." He patted her shoulder as if to dismiss her as he briskly trotted past. And the eye contact he threw to her told of the emergency that was at hand. Her speed was desperately needed.

As Kerr approached the dead mother's body, he could see the size difference of the two infants with just a glance at the dinky arm with the knife sticking from it, struggling to be free. This one was considerably smaller than the other. He looked a little frail for one that was fighting so hard to survive a tragic birth. He was pulling himself up from the cavity that incubated him for so long. His hands were no larger that that of a Suzan B. Anthony coin. His fingers looked almost like pieces of pale cream yarn. His head was a bit oversized for his chest, and oval in shape. The most oval shaped head Kerr had ever seen. He thought it was a little unnatural. "But fuck, I'm not even licensed yet, what the hell do I know." The thought soon passed as his eyes met the unnamed child's eyes. They where cloud white, with no pupils to speak of. And the baby returned the glance. Almost like it knew Kerr personally.

He could've sworn that the baby cracked a smile at him as he reached into the crib to pick him up. And then he noticed that the umbilical cord was absent. Then the newborn started to cough. It was like he was smoking a cigarette or something. That's when he saw it. It was the most bizarre thing he had ever seen. It almost made him toss his groceries at the sight. The small round organ dangling from his teeth. 'Holy shit, he chewed through the life cord.' His perch became slack and his helpful manner turned to a frightened five-year-old. Shaking with fear at the sight of the infant chewing on the life cord. Blood drizzled from the corner of its lips as the dangling cord slowly disappeared into its mouth. It was almost like he was slurping up a strand of spaghetti. His Teeth slightly shown, were the color of some mystical cloud garden with the sparkle of a genie's eye. His fierce stare was slicing though Kerr. Like a steak knife. It was like he knew about the skeletons in his closet. He stared straight through him. Like he was some kind of transparent stain.

And then the feeling came over him. It was a feeling like that of fresh chocolate cookies in the oven. And he was a five-year-old boy anxiously awaiting the warm sweet taste of cookie and semisweet chocolate chips melting in his mouth. It was his time to share the glory that God can pass to each and every one of us.

Cindy was obediently taking her place retrieving the towels from the linen closet. It wasn't too long before she joined Kerr's side to watch the celestial show. She was stunned without emotion at the site. And just then, a puff of light gray smoke plumed from the infant's mouth. It was almost like he where an oven and they had left the turkey in too long. The plume was followed by a low humming. It reminded Kerr of a band of flies with the deep flapping of their wings zinging through the air. And the Humming became louder as the smoke thickened. Cathy and Kerr's eyes where irritated with the smoke, but anticipation kept their attention on the child.

And the humming grew.

It was starting to be as clear as an almost deafening tone sprang to life from the smoke screened infant.

And the humming grew.

Hmmmmmmm Bzzzzzzzz hmmmmmmm Bzzzzzzzz hmmmmmmm Bzzzzzzzz

It was in sync with the child's breathing. In between exhales you could hear the Buzzing ever so slightly.

And the humming grew.

As the spaghetti disappeared into the mouth of the infant you could see the eyes. They where the color of a cold storm cloud. And they were changing. They were turning to the color of pale lemons as the smoke started to dissipate. And the smoke cloud that hovered over his face turned to a sound. An almost silent sound. But it was visible. Yes. Quiet visible. The smoke was vanishing, leaving behind the vibrating hum. It was disturbing the tranquility of the air, and ripples shot form the baby. Almost like dropping a rock into a calm pond. And the vibration filled the room.

And the humming grew.

It was a madding display of gore as the blood-covered face smiled intensely at Cathy, Cindy, and Kerr. Cindy's jaw dropped to the floor and her heart started to beat with ferocity. Her mind began to wander about the room as the baby started to shake. His head resembled that of an epileptic, as it shook feverishly.

"How could this be happening?" Cindy thought to herself. Her tears started to blur her vision and the baby disappeared into the blur. Kerr took her arm to make sure that she was all right, but her heart was just racing. It was too much for her to witness. Her nervous breakdown would come at the worst of times. And her knees began to weaken.

And the Humming grew. Kerr, stunned at the sight, could feel Cindy beginning to fade. And she was too heavy for him to hold. His mind was heavy in thought and fixated on the miracle that was being performed before his very eyes. His concerns for her were overpowered by this miracle. And then… Just then a Cloud of Fruit flies plummeted from the infants mouth. The clan of flies seemed to truffle over the medical staff. And the cloud of flies grew.

The Humming was piercing now that the flies made their way through the baby's body. And they circled over the infant. And the cloud grew in size. And then there were thousands upon thousands of them flying in circles over the baby. The blood began to spread on his face as the flies exited through its mouth. And then its eyes began to pulse, and bulge. It was straining the balls of the eyes and then the vessels began to enlarge. The eyes exploded and flies began to spout from the sockets.

Cindy collapsed to the floor and Kerr let her arm go. He was paralyzed with the sight. There was nothing that he could do for her. Nothing at all.

The double hung swinging doors seemed to be magically sealed as the two assigned officers tried to gain entrance to the O.R. They were ruthless with their banging. The small square window that you could normally see through was covered with a dull slime and the observation window was tainted with he same slime. Impossible to hear the rattling of the doors as guards tried to open it. The rattling filled the air but the humming of the flies was too powerful.

And the cloud of flies began to grow.

It was too gruesome to watch the baby bleed to death but was that it? Bleed to death? No!!! It couldn't be. They had just found him. They couldn't let another one die in the same night. In the same shift, in the same hour. It was a burden that they had to haul around with them for the rest of their short lived lives if they let that happen. As the baby lay in pain, and watching the flies plume from its mouth, Cindy knew that she couldn't take too much more. Her stomach turned at the sight. The acid reached her tongue and made her gag, she could taste a rotting tang infesting her buds.

~End Chapter 1, Part 5~

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