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Links to other sites, primarily of literary interest. If you want to join in a link exchange, please visit the Contact Page.

Wrytersblock.info: Derek Hawkins, one of the Oasis' most prolific contributors, and perennial booster of all things Oasis, has recently launched his own site (January 1, 2005).

Karen Jones - Artist: Website featuring the art and writings of Oasis contributor Karen Jones. Wonderful Fractal art.

Grotesque, A Gothic Epic: This fully illustrated online gothic novel, Grotesque, A Gothic Epic, is an historical epic adventure that unfolds in the Late Middle Ages. By Susan Harkins.

One For The Little Guy: A blog where a friend and I just talk about tech projects and weird things we do to our computers..

Forged RPG: An independently created Role Playing Game system. Very interesting system, and has an attached forum so you can discuss game mechanics with the creators.

www.therobrosen.com: Home Page of contributor and author of "Sparkle", Rob Rosen.

Aesthetica Magazine: a literary magazine based in York, UK. A not for profit magazine dedicated to new literature and arts. Very nice looking site. A lot of effort goes into this zine and its well worth a look.

Other World Fantasies: Fiction showcase site run by Oasis contributor Kat Jones. Very nice looking site with some interesting work on it. Well worth a read.

Open Wide Magazine: A fantastic collection of writing from new authors and poets.

www.eastoftheweb.com: Fantastic collection of E-Books and short stories. Lately, they've succumbed to massive advertising in their format, but there's still a wealth of good material on the site.

Doteasy.com: The hosting service I use for this site. You'll also notice the ads for this service. These guys are dirt cheap, and very reliable. I highly recommend this service.

GoStats: GoStats.com, a very reliable hit counter and stats tracking site, with free and paid versions. The service I use on this site, and I highly recommend them.

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