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. Web Tales

So What's a Web Tale?

A Web Tale is basically a piece of prose or poetry, written with some degree of active content designed to be viewed on the web. It's essentially still a text driven piece, only "clickable," with some graphics or light animation added.

This is a developping art, and goes by any number of names on other sites. An aspect of the Web Tale I'd like to see evolve would harken back to the "Choose Your Own Adventure" novels. (Ahhh, remember the eighties?)

Part of the problem with webtales, or perhaps part of their charm, is the ephemeral nature of the web itself. Those tales which contain links to outside sites become "obsolete" over time as more and more of the links begin to fail. Enjoy exploring those few tales here presented, and have fun gambling on which links will and will not work.

How To Mug a Reindeer: by J. Dennis McKay. A Holiday Quickie for a bit of humor.
Added December 17, 2004.

Tunneling Mind: A kinda sorta weblog I created a few years back when I was laid up with an injury. It has a central storyline involving the invasion of my desk by assorted "wee-folk". Various other strangeness and odd links, half of which are now broken. My main defense for the creation of this is that I was on some pretty serious pain killers at the time.

NB: Tunneling Mind is hosted offsite on a free server and has a whack of annoying pop-ups as a result. This will be fixed, sometime, someday... when I get around to it... Its still working where it is and I have other things to do.

Slacker Boy vs. The Cyber Samurai: Ummm.... I made this as a birthday gift for a gal I was dating at the time. It's a graphic-story with piles of pop-culture references. And lots of things blowing up. And a Harley.
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