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Chapter 1

Part 4

by: Jim Jones

Kerr was having trouble with the delivery; it was only his fifth in his career. Delivering a baby from a dead person wasn't covered in the final exam. It dumfounded him. The Body was stiffening and it was doing it fast. He had to hurry in order to save the baby.

Sweat was pouring from his brow, and standing next to him was Cindy, wiping his head as he struggled with the stiff flesh, keeping the salt out of his eyes so that he could see the baby that needed rescuing. Just laying there. That's what it was doing. Just laying there. Not breathing, not at all. Where the inhale and exhale of breathe normally was occurring in a standard birth, it was just wasn't there. It was hard for him to distinguish where the skin of the baby began and the flesh of the dead mother ended. The rather smooth organ that he knew as the uterus where the baby would have strived until the mother deliberately flexed her muscles to push it out was motionless. The cut that divided the wall so that Kerr could retrieve the baby was too small; it would require another laceration to widen the birth hole.

It was a gruesome site for anyone to see but it Affected Cindy differently, it was almost like she was expecting to see lots of blood this evening. Seeing the image of a dead baby was enough to make anyone hurl. Or at least leave a saddened image burnt onto their mind, never being able to cast the site from their memory. But Cathy seemed to chuckle at the site. Like it was a cartoon out of the Sunday paper.

Cathy wasn't the type to be easily disturbed at the site of death; in fact she has committed a murder without the burden of remorse on her side. It was supposed to be a simple murder but it was more like an enjoyable chore to her. A chore that she rushed home with anticipation for. She was looking forward to taking out the trash. That is what she had thought of her husband at the time. A big bag of trash that needed emptying. Ever since that night, the trashcan of her love life remained emptied.

The maggots that would make any man that has killed bend over in pain just lay dormant in her heart, not turning into the flies of decay with the thought of her slaughter. Like the maggots had remained unfertile the five years that has passed since the murder. Gordon was the head Investigating officer on that case, maybe that's why the clues were never found.

She was standing next to Kerr as he lifted the infant from the deceased mother's womb. It wasn't moving as it dangled form his immense hands. He lifted it up over the opened stomach of the cadaver as Cathy resumed her position to take the baby from him. She jolted to the crib that was resting by the Doors. The one that was put there 15 years ago when Sharon Lorena was rushed to emergency surgery during her delivery. {Sharon didn't make it.} But Kelly Lorena did. That baby that was the reasoning behind the crib in the E.R. {She was moved to Detroit to live with her aunt, Jill Hiesheman.}

Kerr went immediately to the crib with Cathy and the baby. There was a rush with his disposition, and when he reached the crib, he instinctively grabbed the heart monitor and shock paddles as he passed them. Cindy was fresh in the ways of the emergency room, but she reacted just as fast as the other two who were trying to save the life of the baby.

The three hovered over the Crib, Cathy was holding the drapery that would wrap the baby as it cried when they where through rescuing it. And Cindy was right by Kerr's side holding the pillars of the heart monitor. It was a time when a heart monitor was used; you would have to inject the pillars into the flesh, leaving a rather large hole in the skin of the recipient. And as she inserted the pillars, Kerr was applying the electricity over the heart of the infant, in hopes of jolting his heart into ticking. It was of no use. He just lay there.

The door opened as they tried their hardest to revive the newborn. The squeaking alarmed the doctor as The Two Deputies entered the Room. "Well look at this, We have a bunch of morons practicing medicine." A grappling chuckle filled the room as they closed the door upon their exit.


Tracy was nursing her injuries in the break room, when she heard the voices of the guarding officers down the hall. After she attached a splint to her ankle she decided to take a walk to see what the commotion was all about. And when she got to the hall, she heard the crude remarks that the younger officers where making about Kerr.

The remark was lacking in facts as they blatantly criticized the intern's efforts. "Look at that kid, he couldn't tie his own shoes let alone deliver a baby." Sharp laughs where hitting her ears like they were baseballs freshly hit from babe Ruth's power swing. She has known Doctor Kerr for some time now and she knew that what the ignorant policemen where saying was bullshit. Total bullshit. Not even taking into account how hard he had worked to earn the position he had now. No!!! They didn't know how he has saved the lives of several of the patients that have come to St. Mary's for help. No!! Not all!!! They where talking about something they had no idea about.

Her steps were quiet, like a ticking clock as she struggled the 20 or so feet towards the insubordinate officers. She could hear the soft tone of the smaller pay-billy as he commented, "I think that nurse needs a stiff dick in her ass."

The chuckling was painful to Tracy as they spread the sharp words. She wished that she would have called in sick this evening. "No!!!!" She couldn't have done that. She was dependable, the way her mother raised her to be. Always on time, never taking time off, even when she truly is sick. On one weekend last summer she almost needed a doctor herself when she came in to work with pneumonia. Her eyes were that of a red rose and her temperature could've toasted bread. She collapsed on top of Horowitz right after lunch. He wanted to commit her for the evening but she wouldn't have it. She took after her mother, stubborn. She didn't even want to go home after her episode, but she did. "There's nothing a hot cup of tea, plenty of water and lots of rest won't take care of." That's what her mother had always told her.

It was there, right in front of her, The evidence that she needed to prove to the Mayor that these policemen were corrupt. It was right there. But how could she put that evidence in a bag to show it to the justice officer. The thought of using a tape recorder would help prove her case, but then she remembered what happened to her father when he tried to use a taped confession to prosecute Gordon almost fifteen years ago. The Judge just threw the tape in the trash. Laughed and ordered Mr. Stanton to step down from duty.

Mr. Stanton. The Greatest lawyer that has ever lived on this side of Detroit. So the Daily tribune raved. He actually was pretty good. He had defended a rapist once, and gotten him off even though he was guilty. All the evidence was there, just that the rights of his client were violated during questioning, and he new how to pull the Judges strings when it came to those dreaded technicalities. He knew exactly what to say and when to say it. He knew how to back the D.A. into a corner, really put him on the spot. Stick the knife in even further. He even convinced one judge that the D.A.'s case was all based on one big lie. Made the Judge think Stanley Hilton was the biggest liar that ever went in front of his holiness . It wasn't too long after that that Mr. Hilton went on a permanent vacation without his family. No one has ever heard from him since.

Tracy was always had suspicions about that night, but it wasn't until recently that she was sure of it. It was last Tuesday when one of the officers had pulled her over, and when she refused to go out with him, she received a speeding ticket. It was unfortunate that she didn't have a witness to the crime. And that's the way it's been for her. The crime was taking place but there was no way to prove it.

'To Serve and protect.' That's what every police officer vowed to do during their duty, But what about the few that don't uphold the law, but rather are above the law. What about those few. The ones that sell you the crack that gives you a heart attack and when you are gone and buried they start on your sister. But her fate would be much easier than theirs.

The voices where growing louder as she approached the sentry's position. Her Breathing was loud, as if her asthma was attacking. And one of the guards had heard her gasping for air. She thought that she had made a mistake when he walked up to her with the blues eyes of terror. His voice was hot with fire as he spoke commandments to her. "What are you doing here? Your not supposed to be in here. I have strict orders to make sure that no one is roaming the halls while they deliver the baby." It was almost like he was reading a piece of paper with the words on it as he spoke. "Now go on back to your post before I place you under arrest." It made her think of the article she read about the streets of Cuba, militia rule, guards on every corner with machine guns ready to shoot. She had seen what happened to Stacy when an officer told her to go on back to what she was doing, and when she disobeyed, 'lord knows what's happening to her now' she thought to herself as she turned back towards the break room. The squeaking of her shoes against the linoleum was noticeably louder on her return trip. Less caution was used as she did as the officer had demanded of her.

The return trip left her wondering. What if I had stayed, would he really place me under arrest? Or was he bluffing? She would never know and it was better to play it safe, rather than be sorry. Either way, she knew something was wrong, very wrong. Never had she seen a policeman behave in such a manner, never. It was above her head and she knew that she must get out of there.

Maybe it was the bean burrito that I ate on my dinner break a couple of hours ago. Or maybe I'm just too exhausted. But it wasn't, and she knew what kept her stomach twisting. It wasn't the burrito, and being tired wouldn't affect her that way. No way. Something was wrong and she knew that everyone in the hospital was in danger. It was too late for her to help. What ever is gonna happen is gonna happen. And with her Broken rib and sprained ankle, she would do anything but get in the way. All that she could do was slip a note in Dr. Kerr's coat pocket before she made her escape out the back. And Pray that he finds it in time.

~End Chapter 1, Part 4~

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