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Fiction, Philosophy, Religion

Jacobs Ladder

by: G David Schwartz

"You must love yourself first and be happy with yourself first. Only then you can love and bring happiness to others" Best friends are the ones who see the pain in your eyes, when others are fooled by your smile.

"Jacobs's ladder is taken to imply the ladder of history. The ascent of one nation implies the ascent of that one and so the decent of its possessor. The ladder is not an endless one, but the Lord stands at its top, as the master of history, assuring us that pride and despotism will be brought low, until His solemnity (sovereignty) alone is recognized at the end of days."

A Tanna taught: They ascent to look at the image above and descend to look at the image below. They wished to hurt him, when (such behaviors was prevented as it says) Behold the Lord stood be side him (Gen, 18:13, as if to protect him.)

But it was a stone and the stone symbolized the Master of the Universe. All these thoughts boiled in and into rage. The stone relationship of the Master of the Universe with the head of Jerusalem (Abraham) was a shine conformed when the very sun was hewn (C.f. Isaiah 51:1).

Every act (which is an action in activity) of remembering things (aka thought bring their meaning into more focus (or bring their memory into a more focused memory. For example, did Uncle Ben (question: does the word uncle need to be capitalized when it is in front of a persons, a mans, name because, if so, does the fact of a name being said (as if you can say anything on, from, out of, paper) makes life more easy.

Ezekiel's vision needs be retold. The retelling of a vision is the election of a new life. And life is the most respectful thing there is in the universe, the cosmos, and the upper realm of the road on the way toward heaven.

Hence, if we are to perform exegesis, go looking for typology significantly, we have the instance of angels who rise and descend and who, in their rising and descending cause human thought to rise and descend. And, if so, angels cause the rising. Thought cause the rising and descending so thoughts are angels.

I mean look, I type the word uncle and the computer does not demand I capitalize it but I go back and type Ben, or most likely any other name (except a woman's name? No it capitalizes Uncle Nancy) …so where was I and why was I there (here)?

If so, angels cause the rising of the type (of typology). Angels raise, angels raised the martyrs, and angels rose thought from the dead.

It is because they (the enemy) is/are seeking reconciliation. NOTE; in the previous sentence, the enemy is the correct romanticized word, but, because it was (not is?) singular, it is not changed out of the recommended rules of punctuation.

Jacobs Ladder

More and more steps are needed to cover less physical arena.

One can live through the hectic experience, the joyous occasions or the terrifying moments and can find the tense of it all evasive. Every successive act of remembering brings the event into clearer focus, unless the event was really so insignificant that ones memories occur too far apart. Significant events become clearer the further we get away from them.

Questions are artistic. They are drawn by the strangeness of the day. That may be the reason Judaism posses so rich a life in spirit, best expressed in Midrash; Judaism is the culture of memory par excellence. It is the creation of life and the bulwark against death. It is the resurrection of memory, a memory planted and planed in the thoughts of thought.

Sleeping with a stone for a pillow should be the cause of discomfort. Discomfort is the typology of disruption. Instead, it is the sponsor of dreams, of dreams of comfort with or against that which makes dreams not come true.

Step by step refers to education. Proverb 4:12-13 says "As you walk you will not step and, if you run, nothing will bring you down to instruction and never let go…" Psalm 37:31 tells us "The law of God is in his heart, his steps do not falter

Steps were the work of the exodus. Steps took the head of Jerusalem into Israel. According to Proverbs 5:6 she does not watch for the road that leads to life; her course turns this and that way, into texts and reverberate out of songs.

The following is a related Midrash.

The rabbis gave conflicting interpretations to (of) the fact, for they speak of the dream as a fact, of angels who (which) ascend and / or descend.

Then the celebration of birth in this case, is only an event for her reconciliation. It is a good memory! All significance ties together. All is one.

There is a single ultimate. It is that which is all is-ness. It is a phenomenon which fits in the toaster and around the tree of hope.

There is an inner court of heaven which is approached by (or with) seven steps (40:22); the inner court is approached by (or with) twenty five. The visible Temple is reached in/with ten steps because it has (is) a vestibule twenty cubits long by twelve wide.

To discuss or consider this line of work, you MUST be over 18 yrs old. We consider average type guys; show us what you look like. Age verification & release forms required.

What goes up… well it does not always come down. This is the age of retribution with spouts of joy. Resemblance is near resurrection and retention is in fact recurrence. Creation regresses through remembrance. This is the heighteners of typology. This is the heightening of all previous ideas having to do with reality, and, in fact, what ideas do have nothing to do with reality?

It is the case that all we can do is deriving a connection between earth and heaven. Insofar as the ladder of Jacobs dream is a stairways, the going up and coming down are best described as steps. Steps significantly lead to a determination of the way (of an individual or a nomadic tribe, as well as a stable community). Steps, in short, lead to that which does not necessarily require a physical walking. Rather, what is required is the capacity of personality, intelligence, insight, helpfulness, and every other faucet which makes up the individual.

Community and the like are wellsprings for individuals to explore individuality. Instant instantiation words as a resaving backwards. What ought to be delivered is only insight into what Jacobs dream means for Jacobs reality.

The single use of the term "assslapa" from lalasah to round up figuration: to exalt, to extol, to rise up, make that which is revealed.

What is "revealed" in a dream, we may expect to be revealed in fact?


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