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. Submission Guidelines

The Oasis needs YOU!

For the Oasis to succeed in its misson to promote new authors, we are constantly in need of new material. If you would like to submit your work to the Oasis, we will be more than happy to consider it for the site.

NB: All material should be submitted as a dot-doc or other rich text format attachment. The document title should be the same as the author's name, or the name of the submitted work. This document should also contain the author's name and e-mail address, and any vitals about the author you deem appropriate. At some future point, the Oasis will be including an "about the author" section, and this information will prove highly useful. The Oasis does not share information with any other site or agency.

Please keep in mind that this isn't a big corporate site. It is, in fact, a small, indy, "one man band" site that doesn't exactly draw any significant revenue. (As of January 22, 2004, it has actually drawn no revenue whatsoever). Basically, this means I can't afford to pay you.

Because of this, our publishing agreement is weighted heavily in the author's favor, to protect his/her rights. The agreement is as follows:

All works submitted to DriftersOasis for consideration remain the intellectual property of the original author.

Any author may request to have his/her work withdrawn from the Oasis, for any reason, provided reasonable advance notice (typically 30 days).

Any author may submit his work for publication in any form with any other agency, organization, or publication as he sees fit, without notifying the Oasis, unless such notification is a pre-requisite of the outside publishing entity.

No work submitted to the Oasis will be re-printed, or transmitted in any form outside the Oasis without prior consent from the original author.

While there may be some advertising on The Oasis, this is done in an attempt to defray the costs of running the website, and does not entitle the author to an expectation of compensation for published work on the site. If, at some future point, the site does begin to turn a profit, then author compensation may be considered, but is not guaranteed.

The authors guarantee that all submitted work is their intelectual property, and that submission to the Oasis does not infringe on any previous copyright or publishing agreement.

John D. Baker
. .