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. Privacy Policy

The Oasis respects your privacy

This is going to be pretty quick and simple.

Essentially, the Oasis doesn't share any of the information it gathers about its readership or contributors with any third party, especially when it comes to e-mail addresses. I hate spam as much as you. In fact, probably more. (You'd be amazed at how much spam is generated by being a domain owner).

There are a couple of exceptions to this, and I'll be as specific as possible here:

IP Logging: Because I use an outside provider for stats-tracking, that service logs your IP every time you visit the site. This is minimally usefull information, and its difficult to get around this. This only applies to the main site, and not the forums. While your IP is logged when visiting the Forums, I am the only one with access to that information, and I have no need or reason to share it with any outside party.

E-Mail Stripping: This applies to areas of the site where you may have posted your e-mail address in a way that makes it viewable to any person or automated program that views the site. This includes the "Feedback" guestbook and in the Forums. I would recommend that you use a false e-mail address in the Feeback/Guestbook section, or simply not enter one (it isn't required). In the forums, I would prefer you do use a real e-mail address, though I'm not sticky about it, and simply click on the option to hide the e-mail from the public.

Cookies: These are not in use at present on the main site, nor do I really see a time when they will be. They are, however, in use in the Forums, as this is the only way of effectively keeping track of whether or not you're logged into the forum. I don't use these cookies for any other purpose.

Bulk E-Mails: I do occassionally send out bulk e-mails. When doing this, I make every effort to "hide" individual e-mail address by placing all the addresses in the "BCC" section. This effectively keeps your address from view of all the other recepients.

John D. Baker
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