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. Update History

January 4, 2005 - Announcing the First Ever DriftersOasis Caption Contest Winner! Head on over to the Oasis Forum to sign up and participate in our Current Caption Contest

January 4, 2005 - Announcing the DriftersOasis Caption Contest! Head on over to the Oasis Forum to sign up and participate.

December 20, 2004 - A Tour of Oasis Labs. Click it or Miss it!

December 17, 2004 - How To Mug a Reindeer:: by J. Dennis McKay. A Holiday Quickie for a bit of humor.

December 15, 2004 - 100 Towers, Chapter 10 by J. Dennis McKay has finally arrived! Yllek sweats it out in front of the Council of Families.

December 14, 2004 - New poetry by Kat Jones has been added: Wake My Love, a call to awaken a lost love.

December 11, 2004 - All of Echo 13 now fits the new look. Also, a new piece, World's Apart, by Derek Hawkins: Just Because we don't know a world is there, doesn't meant we can't affect it.

December 7, 2004 - The Shift to the new design continues apace. All short stories and poetry now fit the new look. Keep an eye out for the serial novels.

December 4, 2004 - Celebrating our brand new layout and graphics! (Transition in progress - Most old material will be changed to the new look as time progresses.) Zen Cola, by Rob Rosen: It's the real thing! Farming, by Stiubhard Og: Regulations can be the death of tradition, even on this odd farm. I Cannot Cry, by Keith H.J. Bevins: A heart so broken tears fail to flow. Autumn Breeze Screams, by Keith H.J. Bevins: A quick thought of fall. Echo 13, Chapter 10: Have the X-Corps gained a defector from Kilkenny's pirate band? Or is it just another trap?

May 7, 2004 - Focus on the Serial Novels! Usually they fall down at the bottom of the list on the frontpage, but not this time! We have three authors publishing novels serially on the Oasis, and seeing as I've been spending the past few months working on a sitewide change, and have been running really short of time, I decided to dedicate an update to those three serial novels. Echo 13 is a Science Fiction action/adventure novel by contributor Derek Hawkins based in a distant future, when a glactic government rules democratically over the known universe. The story centers around The X-Corps, a super secret military task force, and its efforts to confront a growing conspiracy by a powerful pirate army based in the fringes of known space. Chapter 9 sees growing intrigue in both the Glactic Government, and in the pirate band, as the X-Corps struggles to gain intelligence on the real motive behind a series of attacks. This is an action packed, interesting work, and if you haven't delved into it yet, I highly recommend starting from the begining to truly get a grasp of this complex and interesting Sci-Fi Epic in the making. Lazarus, by contributor Jim Jones, is a horror novel, where even the police have become corrupted by a menacing dark force. The entire novel so far centers around the strange events surrounding the birth of a child, and the machinations of the police to ensure his successful birth, and the death of his parents. Chapter 6 continues with the story, as we see the Chief of Police show contempt for the Mayor, and even his own daughter, as strange forces play in the delivery room. 100 Towers, by contributor J. Dennis McKay, (Ok, its me), is a Fantasy adventure novel set in the former capital city of a long crumbled empire. In the 9th Chapter, Yllek Navillus, the hero of our tale, having returned to the city after a long (and forced) absence at the begining of the novel, now sees himself stepping into The Council of Families, in order to try and clear his name and be able to once again move openly in the city. Don't forget to drop by The Oasis Forum, to catch up on the latest news and discussion about the site. Thanks again for your continued support and contributions. Keep an eye out for the changes coming on May 29, to celebrate One Year at our DotComm Domain!

February 21, 2004 - Its been a busy month here at DriftersOasis. The entire site has been rebuilt with a slightly different look, and a new menuing system. More importantly, the old inbox has continued to fill with great new writing. I'm consistently amazed by the quality of work that comes in, and I just want to take a brief moment to thank all the contributors for providing such excelent reasons to continue working on the site. New to the Oasis, Jerry Vilhotti has presented for our perusal a fascinating stream of conscious piece following one man's Muddy Footsteps, a challenging and interesting read. Rob Rosen serves up a tasty morcel with The Krispy Kreme Dream Team, as a group of discerning pastry fans fight crime in the name of their personal obsession. John Sheirer gives us a preview of his upcoming collection of stories "Growing Up Mostly Normal in the Middle of Nowhere," with The List, where a speaker remembers to dress right for an occassion, but forgets something almost as important as his pants. Not to be read late at night with nothing for company but the ticking of the clock, Stiubhard Og haunts us with Railway Cottages, and makes us think twice about taking up residence in a piece of history. G. David Schwartz returns with Jacob's Ladder. This piece isn't so much a work of fiction, as it is a philosophical and borderline religious abstract. Risky ground for the Oasis, but what's life without risk? Our collection of new poetry also continues to grow, as we see the additon of a new poet, a returning favorite, and a writer who's fiction we've enjoyed now displays her talents in poetry. First time Oasis contributor John Sweet turns the spotlight of poetry on the darker side of society with his two poems, In Silence and the aptly named Palace of Curtains. After a long absence, Karen Jones, one of the original contributors to the Oasis, sends more of her compact, yet thoughtful work. Sundays and Drifter are two pieces that best describe themselves. Kat Jones, one of several Jones on the site who's only relation to each other is the skill with which they craft their words, having already displayed her skill as a fiction writer now proves her worth as a poet with Headache and Dreaming. Of course you'll want to keep up with the latest chapters of the Science Fiction novel Echo 13, the Historical Fantasy 100 Towers, and the chilling Horror Lazarus.

January 22, 2004 - After a busy Christmas season, its time to get back to what's really important, updating the Oasis and bringing you more great writing. This update sets a new high water mark for the Oasis in two regards. First, this is the single biggest update yet, and second, perhaps more importantly, we're proud to bring you short pieces from two published novelists. John Sheirer, with three published books to his credit, graces us with Character Sketch, where an artist comes face to face with his own identity through his art. Novelist Rob Rosen brings much needed laughter to the often agonizing process of furnishing our apartments and homes with The IKEA Paradox. We've all been there Rob, thanks for putting it in perspective. No less impressive is the work brought to us from two writers we're sure to see hit the shelves in the future. Kat Jones asks if the Gods really do play dice with the universe in Weave of Dreams. G. David Schwartz steps up with Full Service, where the hero must decide between the stability he knows and the adventure of the uncharted roads of life. Continuing with our commitment to bring you great poetry, the Oasis presents the work of one new poet, and pieces from two returning poets. New to the Oasis, David Fraser refines the art of using poetry to examine the human condition with the three pieces Watching the Credits Late At Night, Pretending to Be, and Footprints. And we have a pair of poets Oasis readers are sure to be familiar with. Donovan Galway vies against another for the love of a woman in Shall My Rival Fall. And that prolific poet Keith H.J. Bevins delivers another exquisitely crafted short poem, Delicate Like a Web Strand. And it just wouldn't be an Oasis Update if we didn't continue with our works In Progress. Be sure to check out the latest chapters of Echo 13, 100 Towers, and of course Lazarus.

October 23, 2003 - It may be a little late, but The Oasis is proud to bring its biggest update ever. First, a big congratulations to Kartika, who, after the votes were counted, won our first short story competition with Rosa Roxas, the story of an obsessed fan with a plan for her idol's greatest exit. The Talented Mike Johnson returns with the humorous Stunt Dog Demonstration, where man's best friend proves his worth. We're happy to bring you two new poets in this update. Donovan Galway graces us with to works examning the nature of love in The Wind and To Flame, To Thee. James Quinton, a fellow web publisher, loans The Oasis a pair of poems contemplating the solitude of urban life with Coma Nation and Every Morning Comes. Also, be sure and visit his site, Open Wide Magazine, bringing more great new writing to the web. And it just wouldn't be an Oasis Update if we didn't continue with our works In Progress. Be sure to check out the latest chapters of Echo 13, 100 Towers, and of course Lazarus.

September 16, 2003 - Proving that good things come in small packages, in this small update of the Oasis brings you a new piece of short fiction from the perpetually different Digital Scribbler in our Fiction section. And of course the In Progress section continues to grow. Karma Will Come is a wonderfully odd bit of Science Fiction from the equally odd mind of the Digital Scribbler. A superhero action piece that reads like a comic book, this is one piece that will keep you grinning and guessing until the end. Chapter 5 of the action packed space adventure Echo 13, by Derek Hawkins, revolves around intrigue, drinks, and a bit of a gamble aboard a luxury Space Cruiseliner. Get your votes in at The Oasis Forum on our very first competition. With four excelent works of fiction to choose from, your vote could help make all the difference for bragging rights.

September 1, 2003 - Continuing to bring you new and interesting material to read, we have two new pieces in our Fiction section. Karen Jones, who has graced us in the past with several poems, brings to us a thoughtful, philosophical piece, where we learn about the human condition through a conversation between a river and a Mountain. From Mike Johnson, an author you've seen before, and can expect to see more from, we get a satirical look at a man who, lost in alcohol, mistakes himself for Jesse James, in A Miracle on Walnut Street. And our In Progress section continues to grow, with the second instalment of Lazarus, from Jim Jones, in his occult/horror novel. Last, but not least, the plotting and polticial plays continue to deepen in Chapter 5 of 100 Towers. If only Yllek really knew what he was getting into. Don't forget to visit The Oasis Forum if you want to keep up on the latest plots and imaginings that go on behind the scenes here at the Oasis.

(August 16, 2003) - Well, better late than never, as they say. The update isn't in until very late on the 16th, but its here, and its full of great submissions yet again. In Fiction, we have a chilling tale from the ever popular Stiubhard Og, who brings us Labour of Love. Kartika returns with another thoughtful piece, and serves up some Pesto. To celebrate his birthday, I convinced the prolific Derek Hawkins to contribute a warped little piece of Poetry, and so he gave us some of his Brain Drippings. Of course, we also have Chapter 4 of Echo 13, where the story continues to undold and characters and plot begins to converge. Don't forget to get your entry in at The Oasis Forum for our first writing challenge. There have already been a few submissions, and the rumors of what is coming abound.

(August 1, 2003) - Exciting times at the Oasis! Jim Jones has decided to continue contributing, and has offered up the Oasis' third serial novel, Lazarus, a work of horror fiction. And we are proud to present our newest contibutor, Mike Johnson, who brings a short work of horror, The Imp of Grave Misfortune, where we all sit down for a lesson. Of course, it being the 1st of the month, we bring Chapter 4 of 100 Towers. And last, but not least, be sure to check out The Oasis Forum, where all are welcome to participate in a writing competition originally proposed by one of our contributors. Thanks Karma, for suggesting the idea.

(July 15, 2003) - We are happy to bring you the fourth instalment of Echo 13, where things begin to heat up and the plot thickens as we learn more about the real reason behind the kidnappings. I had to cut short any further additions, because during the past couple of weeks, the Oasis has undergone some major upgrades. All stories now have a direct link to a feed back section. The new drop down menu is in place, and the long awaited forum has also been completed. I hope you enjoy the new site features, and put them to good use.

(June 30, 2003) - We have two new pieces of short fiction for your enjoyment. Noonday Demons, Stiubhard Og: A stream of conscious piece. When I first read it, I thought it was three pieces. A second reading taught me otherwise. Well worth the second reading. My Hero, His Heroin, Jim Jones: When addiction captures a childhood hero, it affects more than the addicted. This piece comes with a companion poem, My Hero, His Heroin, Christa Jones: A sad reflection on losing a personal hero to the grips of addiction. These two pieces are from a husband and wife team, a first for the Oasis. And of course, we have 100 Towers, Chapter 3, J. Dennis Mckay, where Yllek finds out what plans the rest of the city has for him.

(June 15, 2003) - Check out the In Progress section for Chapter 2 of Echo 13 by Derek Hawkins. In the Poetry section, we have another piece from Keith H. J. Bevins, the Epic of Bug. I've also got the links page up now, with a couple of interesting links to other sites of literary interest. Thanks to everyone for your support and submissions, and a special thanks to everyone who helps me beta-test and bug track the site.

(May 29, 2003) - The transition is complete! Well, almost. The new look and stories are in place, but due to server issues out of my control, the BBS is still not active. Also, the links page is notably empty at the moment, although keep an eye on this, as I already have link exchange agreements with other decidedly non-profitable sites.

(May 1st, 2003) - The Oasis is currently transitioning to a new look and database format. That's technical speak for "Ripping it apart and rebuilding it." Many of the links will not work while this is happening. The old Oasis is still intact (remarkably enough), and can be viewed by clicking *(disabled)*.
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