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Shall My Rival Fall

by: Donovan Galway

The climb to thee, though long and steep,
No boundary I found.
I traversed slow, then came to run
To share your hallowed ground.

The climb proved not the contest
As the hill had many slopes.
At its summit stood my rival
Sharing equally my hopes.

I reached to draw blade, as did he.
The battle then did brew.
He looked to measure my resolve,
But I then looked to you.

To strike against, to pierce this heart
And vanquish foe I knew
To rival for your love may be a heart
Held dear to you.

I searched your eyes for guidance,
For just one approving glance.
I could not bare steel against my love
To cause you pain by chance.

A boy once found a hatchling hawk
And raised it as his own.
He nurtured it throughout its youth
With love, 'til it had grown.

Taught to hunt in skillful flight
And faithfully back to arm.
One day the hawk, his hand did bite.
The boy's friend had done his harm.

He sought to scold, but froze upon
The bird's cold, empty eyes.
He saw no love, hate, no remorse.
No bond or grateful ties.

With laiden heart, the boy released
the hawk. The bird flew free.
This unrequited love spent
Gave me pause to think of thee.

To fell my rival and prove my want,
Or yield and prove my love.
To strike and risk a single tear
Cannot be by my glove.

I look to you for guidance,
To know where your passions lie.
And I kneel before my rival.
For your love, I wait, or die.

. .